50 Days Of Dragon Con 2023 (Day 10) – What’s New?


Kevin Bachelder takes time away from doing all things geek culture, to sit down with Jon and talk about Dragon Con Newbies. Meanwhile, Jon insists on telling folks how to find something they already found.

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The Transcript (such as it is): Transcript

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  1. Jerry Chandler says

    Okay, Jon, here’s the rule.

    The Hyatt is the *high* point on the hill where the three hotels are.

    The Marriott is the (M for both) middle hotel.

    The Hilton is the bottom of the hill.

    The other *two* hotels are about two blocks down from the top and bottom hotels.

    The Westin is the Westin Peachtree. So, obviously, it’s on Peachtree Street down from the Hyatt.

    That only leaves the Hotel formerly known as Prince… I mean, the Courtland Grand Hotel (Formerly Sheraton Atlanta) over on Courtland Street.

    Another way to remember where the Westin is is to link it in your head to the AmericasMart buildings. It’s right next to them and literally connected to them.

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